The Grand Illusion with Xander & Joshuah is an in depth exploration of the cinema, featuring Xander Kozak and Joshuah Patriarco.


Going In Deep is a movie review series, geared towards the Uranus Awards - an online fan-driven awards show.


Center City Comedy is an unflinching and unapologetic look into the personal lives of five struggling New York (by way of Philadelphia) comedians. Every week H. Foley, Derek Gaines, Kevin Ryan, Tom Cassidy, and Andrew Schiavone sit down to bring you laughs, insults, and stories of the week. New episode every Thursday on Soundcloud, Stitcher, and iTunes!

Episodes 156-191

In their attempt to produce a comedy variety show, actor-comedians Tom DeMichele and TJ Lamando are thrust into action—with some godly assistance—discovering new worlds and characters, while uncovering a looming threat far greater than they know. An audio drama with interviews, sketches, and more—it's the show where the guests pick the theme and we take it from there!

Episode 4 - Present