Get the footage you need for your Musical Submissions and Digital Representation!

You come in like a normal audition.
You get one hour to film either:

-Two 16-bar cuts + Three 32-bar cuts
-Four 32 bar cuts
-Three full songs.

Get as many takes as you need within your thirty minute time span.

We roll on two broadcast-quality HD cameras. Professional Audio. Professional Lighting. Within three days you will receive your digital videos, cut, color-matched, and professionally mastered.

Price: $200

Contact Us at for additional information and booking.

StudioSessions Pro

Tell your musical story with Milliron StudioSessions Pro.

Specializing in green screen technology and utilizing multi-cam workflows, Milliron Studios is merging the power and potency of live-performance with the story telling and distribution power of video. The freedom of this format allows you to truly showcase your song, band, character, or new musical concept.

Help your audience see your vision with dynamic backdrops and backgrounds, overlays, lights, costumes, and make-up - all at a fraction of the cost of a staged or semi-staged performance.

Includes up to 2 hours of studio work time. Maximum song time is 6 minutes (additional fee for longer works).
Accompanist or custom vocal track available at additional fee.

Contact Us at for additional information and booking.