Milliron Studios

Milliron Studios is a production and post-production media house located in the heart of New York City.

Dedicated to "Helping Creatives Create", Milliron Studios generates media solutions for individuals and businesses across all major distribution platforms.

Tyler Milliron
Producer - Editior - Videographer - Audio Engineer - Creative Consultant
Kenneth Griffin
Owner of Perspective Beats - Makeup Design - Videography Assistant
Max Joseph
Owner of Chips Web Design - Web Designer

Chip's Web Design specializes in animation driven sites. While most sites are "point and click", Chip's Web Design is focused on making your site as visually interesting and intriguing as possible, while still being user friendly. Your site should be a reflection of who you are, and when we work together, we can create something fantastic.
~ You be you, I chip in ~

Sarah Mullis
Social Media Marketing Consultant
Natalie Storrs
Associate Producer
Isaac Benelli
Videographer - Audio Engineer