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We are experiencing a harrowing time in our nation's history.

It is essential that we maintain this incredible social momentum towards change.

We cannot allow the lives that have been lost, the sacrifices that have been made, or these unified efforts to fade into background noise.


Culturally, we have a history of it.

Those of us who do not experience the ever-present pressures of social inequality have, time and time again, let this struggle fade from the forefront of our thoughts. 

Sympathy fades. Empathy cannot. 


Forget Knot is an initiative of remembrance, and a pledge to continue this fight. This is an effort of unity, the recognition of privilege, and a promise to use that privilege for the betterment of those who do not possess it.

This is about you.

This is for you.

This is very easy.

Just follow these steps to the best of your ability.


Step 1

Create the Constant.

Racial inequality is a constant.

Create a constant reminder.

Whether it is a string, a shoelace, or a piece of jewelry - make something that will always be there

Step 2

Make the Commitment.

Make this mean something. 

Let this represent something specific to you.

Perhaps if you are runner, and you take for granted the freedom and safety you experience on the streets, perhaps let this represent Ahmaud Arbery.

Perhaps if you are not afraid when you are pulled over, let this represent Philando Castile.

Let it remind you of specific words of Martin Luther King Jr. or Maya Angelou. The brave actions of Rosa Parks and Daisy Bates.

Make it specific.


Step 3


Take your specific pledge of awareness

and unite it with a cause.

This can be social.

If you think you have a tool that could help others:

Share it.

This can be private.

If this is something that is for you, let is just be for you.

This should be for peace.

Please, do not make this a pledge of violence or aggression. Let this be towards the dissemblance of injustice.


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