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Helping Creatives Create

THE STUDIO - Mid-town, New York City

Milliron Studios is a production and post-production media house based in New York City.

Our versatile studio is located in mid-town Manhattan, and features multiple sets, a 20' green screen wall, an interview and live streaming performance space, a ADR and music production recording studio, and much much more.

Full in-studio rental packages available - including up to ten 4k+ Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, Tokina Cinema Vista Lenses, Jibs, Steadicams, Ez-Rigs and more.


Dedicated to "Helping Creatives Create", Milliron Studios generates media solutions for artful individuals and businesses across all major distribution platforms. Be it archival for live performance, a pilot / proof of concept, music video or a  laden feature film, we have the experience and resources to help bring your vision to fruition. 

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